Children’s Birthdays

Very often parents prefer to have a holiday for their child at home. But when it comes to the list of guests, there is a lot of hassle right away, especially if that list is very long. For children you need to set a table, preferably with sweet dishes, organize an entertainment program. Also it is necessary to take care of the design of the room. An important attribute of any holiday for children is the cake. Do not forget that after the holiday is over, you will have to clean up the house and wash dishes. If you want to get rid of all these troubles - restaurant "Renaissance" for holding children's birthdays in Vinnitsa just for you! By the way, here you can buy author's confectionery to order!

In addition, our waiters will teach "little guests" the correct behavior at the table and the basics of etiquette in an easy, playful way.

We offer our guests exquisite desserts, as well as hearty dishes from the banquet menu. They are all made from natural ingredients. At the same time, the recipe and some components of the dishes can be changed at the request of the customer.

Still looking for a place in Vinnitsa, where you can celebrate your birthday and other holidays? Employees of the restaurant "Renaissance" will help you create a festive atmosphere, surprise you and your guests with exquisite cuisine, as well as prompt high-quality service!


Chief cook

The main gastronomic tendencies and unique ideas are embodied under his strict guidance



The ideological inspirer and an unsurpassed virtuoso with the most vivid plans and projects. Victoria is constantly in search of new and innovative solutions



Creates an impeccable atmosphere in a team of first-class professionals who do their job impeccably



Julia clearly knows how to properly build workflows to get a brilliant result



He is well acquainted with the exacting and refined taste of the guests of the restaurant. Virtuoso embodies his talent in the kitchen and amazes even the most demanding gourmet


Senior waiter

Demanding refers to its work. Alexandra is a real example of an organized and refined professional, with a warm attitude to every guest



His motto: Suit up! He is a connoisseur of French sparkling wines and Scotch whiskey! Has a brilliant talent and ability in mixology, communication and creating a great mood for all guests!



Dictates a bright, delicious and legendary evening at the bar! In his hands – the embodiment of the most powerful ideas!



She is caring, attentive and cheerful, clearly understands and hears every guest of the restaurant Renaissance



Always knows what exactly reflects the individuality of each order and what will make your time in the Renaissance restaurant memorable and amazing



He has an extraordinary talent to charm every guest and create a truly comfortable and memorable pastime in the most picturesque place of Vinnytsia



His main credo: “Love what you do and do what you love.” Clear, fast, always polite, considerate

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