Graduation parties

Why should a special attention be paid to the organization of the graduation? School years for each of us were special - it's a carefree time, a time of first friendship, first love, first kisses. There is still no need to go to work, earn money and think about all those problems that concern every adult person. The end of these school years, the last day in the circle of school friends and teachers, is usually celebrated noisy and fun. Find a place where you could afford it. not so simple, especially if you start looking for the eve of prom parties.

To celebrate the release, first of all you will need a cozy banquet hall. Every person, regardless of whether he is a student or a teacher, should feel comfortable in it, quickly relax, enjoy touching moments. In addition, it is important to pay attention to a variety of menus. Dishes should not only be beautifully decorated, but also delicious and hearty. Of course, the cost of renting a banquet hall is also important.

Employees of the restaurant "Renaissance" will help you to spend the graduation party so that pleasant memories of this time are preserved for you for life.


Chief cook

The main gastronomic tendencies and unique ideas are embodied under his strict guidance



The ideological inspirer and an unsurpassed virtuoso with the most vivid plans and projects. Victoria is constantly in search of new and innovative solutions



Creates an impeccable atmosphere in a team of first-class professionals who do their job impeccably



Julia clearly knows how to properly build workflows to get a brilliant result



He is well acquainted with the exacting and refined taste of the guests of the restaurant. Virtuoso embodies his talent in the kitchen and amazes even the most demanding gourmet


Senior waiter

Demanding refers to its work. Alexandra is a real example of an organized and refined professional, with a warm attitude to every guest



His motto: Suit up! He is a connoisseur of French sparkling wines and Scotch whiskey! Has a brilliant talent and ability in mixology, communication and creating a great mood for all guests!



Dictates a bright, delicious and legendary evening at the bar! In his hands – the embodiment of the most powerful ideas!



She is caring, attentive and cheerful, clearly understands and hears every guest of the restaurant Renaissance



Always knows what exactly reflects the individuality of each order and what will make your time in the Renaissance restaurant memorable and amazing



He has an extraordinary talent to charm every guest and create a truly comfortable and memorable pastime in the most picturesque place of Vinnytsia



His main credo: “Love what you do and do what you love.” Clear, fast, always polite, considerate

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